Shocking: Dog leads couple to find baby abandoned in backyard shed

Texas ‘hero’ couple rescues baby abandoned in shed wearing ‘little dress and no diaper’ – USA TODAY

A shocking revelation came for two Texas homeowners when they found a nine-month-old child inside their backyard shed in Livingston, Texas. She was found with bruises, abandoned and left there with no sign of her existence. Thanks to their dogs, they were able to get her help earlier rather than later.

Early Saturday, Kathryn and John McLean were checking their security cameras after they woke to the sound of trucks driving off, according to reports. The footage showed a man with no shirt checking the doors of cars. They would later find out a neighbor’s vehicle had been stolen. A little while later, they noticed that their dog, Archie, was sniffing around and barking in the area of their barn. When they opened the door, they found a shocking scene: A little girl was lying flat on her stomach, nestled between a file cabinet and a motorcycle.

Katharine shared with reporters, “My dogs were barking in the barn, so my husband went down there and saw what was going on…. Opening the door, there was the little baby lying on the floor, wearing only a small dress, with no diaper. John shared with KTRK-TV, “I turned and told my wife, Call 911. There was a little child inside,” he added. “She was like, Whoa.” She said, “What are you talking about?” The McLeans wrapped their infant in a towel, quickly looking at her body and her bruises.

“I am the mother,” Kathleen McClain told KHOU, adding, “I am really hurt, just shaken. It is kind of creeping up on me to this day.

Shortly after finding the child, police discovered the stolen truck that had the father of the child inside. He was charged with neglect of a child and endangering the child, according to Polk County jail records. The infant was taken by air to the Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, where she is recovering. The baby needed surgery on her fractured leg, according to reports, and is now back with her mom.

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