Shocking Discovery: Newborn Found Dead in Car Trunk

Louisville, KY – Police in Louisville, Kentucky made a disturbing discovery over the weekend when they found the decomposing body of a newborn baby in the trunk of a car. A 22-year-old woman, Daira T. Mejia Aguilar, was arrested on Saturday and charged with abuse of a corpse in connection with the infant’s death.

According to reports, the Louisville Metro Police Department received a call about a dead baby concealed inside an apartment on Zorn Avenue. Upon entering the residence, officers found a bag covered in flies that appeared to have possible blood on it. Mejia Aguilar was present at the scene and admitted to giving birth to the child on July 2.

Mejia Aguilar also confessed to not reporting the baby’s death and keeping its remains in her home. She revealed that she had wrapped the baby in a blanket, placed it in a trash bag, and hidden it in a closet. Prior to the arrival of the officers, she had moved the baby to the trunk of her car.

Subsequent investigations led authorities to discover the deceased newborn in the trunk of a car that belonged to Mejia Aguilar. The baby, described as a full-term newborn in the early stages of decomposition, was wrapped in a blanket and placed inside a trash bag.

Mejia Aguilar appeared in court on Monday for her arraignment, where she pleaded not guilty. A judge ordered her to home incarceration. The cause of the baby’s death is yet to be determined, pending the results of an autopsy.

This tragic case highlights the disturbing circumstances surrounding the death of the newborn and raises questions about why the mother did not report the death or seek appropriate assistance. Authorities are working to gather more information about what led to this grim discovery in the trunk of a car.