Scalding Hot Toilet Water Leads to Arrest

A South Carolina couple has been taken into custody after being accused of causing severe burns to an infant with scalding hot toilet water, which reportedly reached a temperature of 129 degrees Fahrenheit. Nijel David Flowers, 25, and Mahogany Na’Jae Hemingway, 21, residents of Kingtree, South Carolina, turned themselves in to the Williamsburg County Sheriff’s Office on April 11. The incident involving the child, however, took place on March 18, as per the police statement released on Facebook last Thursday.

The investigation into the incident is still underway. Currently, Flowers and Hemingway are only charged with unlawful conduct toward a child. They are being held at the Williamsburg County Detention Center.

According to reports from Charleston CBS affiliate WCSC, Hemingway allegedly admitted to the police that she was aware of the unusually high temperature of the water in their toilet for approximately a year. Despite this knowledge, no steps were taken to rectify the issue. Upon investigation, the police discovered that the water temperature was nearly 130 degrees Fahrenheit, significantly higher than the average water temperature.

The police statement accused Hemingway and Flowers of putting their infant child at an unreasonable risk, thereby endangering the child’s life, health, and safety. The severity of the burns inflicted on the child by the scalding water is a testament to the dangerous conditions the child was exposed to.

The case against the couple has been officially filed in criminal court, as per a review of public online court records. It remains unclear whether Flowers and Hemingway have secured legal representation at this time.

The incident has sparked a conversation about child safety and the responsibility of parents to ensure a safe environment for their children. It serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers that can lurk in a household, and the importance of addressing any potential hazards promptly to prevent harm to children.