Postal worker dies delivering mail in extreme heat

On Tuesday, when the heat index in Texas was almost 115 degrees, a veteran United States Postal Service carrier, Eugene Gates Jr., 66, collapsed and died.

According to Fox 4, Gates had been working for USPS in Dallas for 36 years and was delivering mail to a home in Lakewood, Texas when he lost consciousness.

Megan Lucas, who resides on Gates’ route, told the outlet that she had always offered Gates water or a cold towel to help fight the heat. She also captured a video of Gates delivering the mail to her home before he passed out.

USPS has not yet declared the cause of death, but Brian L. Renfroe, National Association of Letter Carriers President, expressed his condolences to Gates’ family, friends, and colleagues.

The heat index value during Gates’ route was one of the hottest of the season. Carla Gates, his wife, expressed her anger and sadness with the postal service, stating that no one should have been working in such high temperatures. As a result of Gates’ death, the union president announced that the start time for carriers would be moved back to 7:30 a.m.

Gates is survived by his wife, two children, and multiple grandchildren. Lucas said that Gates would be greatly missed by everyone in the neighborhood.