Police Remove Former Adult Actress in Handcuffs from Comedy Show

Lisa Ann, a former adult film star who has transitioned into podcast hosting, was recently escorted out of Radio City Music Hall during a performance by comedian Matt Rife. Ann asserts that she was wrongfully accused of using her phone during the performance, a claim that is disputed by sources from the venue who allege that she was causing a disturbance and not complying with requests.

Ann took to her social media platforms to share a video of herself being led out of the venue by NYPD officers. She expressed her disappointment at missing the show she had been eagerly anticipating. Ann maintained her innocence, insisting that she had not used her phone during the performance.

However, a source from the venue has a different account of the incident. The source alleges that Ann was recording the performance, an act that is strictly prohibited. When she was asked to stop and refused to comply, the police were called to intervene.

The source further revealed that the reason for Ann’s removal was not solely due to her alleged phone use. They claim that Ann was also behaving disruptively and disorderly. According to the source, Ann became loud and even resorted to kicking the officers who were present at the scene.

Lisa Ann is known for her parody portrayal of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin in adult films. She has also made appearances on “The Howard Stern Show” and hosts her own SiriusXM show “Stripper Town.” The incident occurred during Rife’s performance.

As more details about the incident continue to surface, the potential impact on the reputations of both Lisa Ann and Matt Rife remains uncertain.