Pizza Delivery Man Claims Self-Defense in Fatal Shooting

A pizza delivery man in Texas is claiming self-defense after fatally shooting a man he alleges was attempting to rob him. The incident occurred around 11 p.m. on Yellowstone Blvd, where the delivery man had been dispatched to deliver a pizza. An altercation ensued between the delivery man and a customer, resulting in the fatal shooting of the latter.

Upon arrival at the scene, police were informed by the delivery man that he had been confronted by two men, one of whom was armed, who attempted to rob him. He further stated that the second man fled the scene after his accomplice was shot. The delivery man was unharmed in the incident.

Houston Police Department Sgt. Mark Holbrook expressed uncertainty about the circumstances leading to the fatal shooting. “We’re investigating how a pizza delivery escalated to the point where someone ended up being shot,” he said.

The identity of the deceased man has not been officially released by the police. However, a man named Ameer White, claiming to be the victim’s brother, identified him as 21-year-old Areyeh White. Ameer White questioned the delivery man’s account, stating, “They claim he was the pizza delivery guy, but we don’t have a receipt proving he was buying a pizza. If he was the delivery guy, why was he armed?”

Despite these doubts, Sgt. Holbrook confirmed to the press that a pizza delivery had indeed taken place. He also mentioned that the delivery man was cooperating with the investigation and that there were witnesses to parts of the incident. However, it remains unconfirmed whether a firearm was found on the deceased man’s body.

Ameer White, who lived with his brother in a unit at the complex, said his brother had been at his girlfriend’s apartment at the time of the shooting. “It’s devastating. He said he’d be home in 30 minutes. I waited up for him,” he said.

The Houston police have stated that a grand jury will determine whether the delivery man will face charges over the shooting. Ameer White concluded, “Only God has the final say, and I’m sure he’ll provide us with answers. We’re just trying to stay strong as a family.”