Murder Suspect Dead After Taking 3 Hostages in Gas Station

A violent crime spree spanning three states ended in the death of the suspect, according to law enforcement officials. The series of events, which included a murder, kidnapping, carjacking, and hostage situation, began with David Maynard in Ironton, Ohio, a town on the Kentucky border.

Authorities reported that Maynard allegedly murdered his stepfather and restrained his former girlfriend on Saturday. The Ironton police department issued a warning via social media, advising the public to avoid Maynard, who they described as “armed and dangerous.” They confirmed that Maynard’s ex-girlfriend was not physically harmed.

Following the initial incident, Maynard traveled approximately 35 miles south to Louisa, Kentucky. There, he kidnapped a woman and commandeered her vehicle, according to Kentucky State Police Trooper Shane Goodall. Maynard then drove to a local Dollar General store, where he abandoned the car and the woman.

The suspect’s next known location was Wayne County, West Virginia, although the means by which he arrived there remain unclear. West Virginia State Police Capt. R.A. Maddy reported that troopers were actively searching for Maynard when Sgt. Lee Pennington spotted him at a Speedway gas station in Ceredo.

Maynard was seen standing behind the counter next to a clerk, brandishing a firearm at Pennington, who was outside the station. Maynard then took the clerk and two other individuals hostage. The West Virginia State Police responded by deploying their Special Response Team and a negotiator.

The negotiator successfully secured the release of two of the three hostages. Maynard requested a blanket be placed at the front door for the remaining hostage. When he went to retrieve the blanket around 2 a.m. Sunday, several Special Response Team officers opened fire, striking Maynard multiple times.

Footage of the incident, captured by local news station WCHS, showed the moment when officers fired at Maynard. The video was later shared on social media by reporter Daniel Burbank. Maynard was transported to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead approximately an hour later. Capt. Maddy confirmed that no officers were injured during the incident and the third hostage was safely rescued.