Mother and Child Trapped in Overturned Toilet

An 18-year-old from New Hampshire was taken into custody after allegedly tipping over a portable toilet with a woman and her young daughter inside, as per local law enforcement. The mother and her 4-year-old child were reportedly trapped inside the overturned toilet, surrounded by waste and bodily fluids.

The incident occurred at Derryfield Park in Manchester, New Hampshire, where the teenager, identified as Aiden Studer, reportedly had a disagreement with the woman near the portable toilet. The woman had entered the toilet to help her daughter when Studer is said to have pushed the unit from behind, causing it to tip over. The positioning of the door against the ground prevented the mother and daughter from escaping.

The Manchester Police Department released a statement detailing the incident, stating that the mother and child were found “covered in feces and bodily fluid.” The statement also highlighted the quick response of nearby bystanders who rushed to the scene to upright the toilet and free the trapped pair.

Despite the distressing circumstances, the mother and daughter were not physically harmed in the incident. The police department also noted that there was no prior relationship between the woman and the suspect before the alleged crime.

Following the incident, Studer was apprehended and faces two counts of criminal restraint and one count of criminal mischief. Additionally, he was charged with simple assault on a police officer, as he allegedly threw an object at an officer at the scene of the crime.