Mass Shooting in Washington D.C.

A deadly shooting incident occurred in Northwest D.C. on Sunday, resulting in the death of two individuals and injuries to five others. The incident took place around 3 a.m. near the intersection of 7th and P streets, in close proximity to Springfield Baptist Church and the Kennedy Recreation Center.

Upon arrival at the scene, DC Police found two men who were pronounced dead. Four other victims were transported to local hospitals for treatment, while another victim sought medical help independently. The current conditions of the five injured victims remain undisclosed, and the search for the suspect or suspects is ongoing.

The motive behind the shooting is still under investigation. However, preliminary findings by detectives suggest that the victims were intentionally targeted by one or more assailants. The deceased victims have been identified as Anthony Brown from D.C. and Jay Lucks from Baltimore, both aged 32.

Alex Padro, an ANC Representative who resides a block away from the crime scene, reported hearing the gunshots. He described the sound as initially resembling an explosion, and immediately recognized the severity of the situation. Padro also noted that the shooting occurred near the Play DC Lounge, shortly after its closing time. He expressed concern over the recurring violent incidents in the vicinity of the club, particularly during late-night hours.

Padro’s sentiments were echoed by another local resident who wished to remain anonymous. The resident called for the closure of the club, describing it as a poor fit for the predominantly residential neighborhood.

Jeffrey Carroll, the Executive Assistant Chief, provided an update on the shooting and urged any potential witnesses to come forward with information that could aid the investigation.