Man Sentenced for Brutal Murder of Neighbor Over Alleged Network Hacking

Cy E. Alley, a 30-year-old Indiana resident, has been sentenced to 70 years in prison for the murder of his 59-year-old neighbor, Gerald Lee Copley. The sentencing was handed down by Senior Judge Marianne L. Vorhees of the Delaware Circuit Court on Monday. Alley was convicted of the crime, which took place in August 2022, after a jury deliberated for just 20 minutes.

The Delaware County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office revealed that Alley was found guilty of murder and received an additional sentencing enhancement for using a firearm during the commission of a felony. Judge Vorhees sentenced Alley to 60 years for the murder and an additional 10 years for the firearm enhancement.

Evidence presented during the trial showed that Alley shot Copley four times with a 12-gauge shotgun on August 23, 2022. The court highlighted the extreme brutality of Alley’s actions, which included shooting Copley twice, reloading his shotgun, and shooting him two more times.

Further details were provided in a probable cause affidavit related to the shooting. On the day of the incident, Delaware County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to an emergency call at a residence in Albany, Indiana. Upon arrival, they found Copley, who had been shot multiple times and was lying against his house. A spent 12-gauge shotgun shell was also found at the scene.

The affidavit also included a statement from a witness who saw Alley shoot Copley multiple times before driving away in a black Ford F250. Alley was later apprehended by the DCSO SWAT team without incident. An unspent shotgun shell, similar to the one found at the crime scene, was recovered from Alley.

According to the affidavit, Alley voluntarily provided a statement to deputies, claiming that he believed Copley was hacking into his network due to issues with his home’s electricity. He admitted to confronting Copley and shooting him four times with the intent to kill. The firearm used in the crime was later found in Alley’s vehicle.

The police noted that Alley showed no remorse for his actions. Delaware County Prosecuting Attorney Eric Hoffman expressed hope that the sentencing would aid in the healing process for Copley’s family and friends. He also emphasized that Alley is a dangerous individual and the sentence will ensure he won’t be able to commit more violent crimes.