Man in ‘Scream’ Mask Accused of Brutal Chainsaw Murder

A man from Pennsylvania is accused of brutally murdering his neighbor using a chainsaw while donning a “Scream” mask, then returning home to watch a film, as per police reports. Edward Whitehead Jr., 59, was discovered dead in his Lehighton home on Monday afternoon, bearing severe lacerations on his head and arm, along with defensive injuries on his hands, according to state police.

Whitehead was reportedly attacked multiple times with a knife and a battery-powered chainsaw, stated State Trooper Anthony Petroski. The alleged assailant was dressed entirely in black, wearing a mask resembling the character from the “Scream” movie franchise, Petroski added.

The investigation led the police to Whitehead’s immediate neighbor, Zak Moyer, 30, who was captured on surveillance footage leaving the deceased’s residence, as reported by authorities. Moyer began to communicate with the police through written notes, making outrageous accusations about Whitehead’s involvement in criminal activities.

Despite Moyer’s wild claims, Petroski emphasized that the police were not investigating these allegations. Moyer eventually surrendered to the police, dressed in a red hoodie, a stark contrast to the “Scream” costume he allegedly wore during the attack.

According to police records, Moyer’s sister informed the police that he had expressed intentions of killing his neighbor a week prior to the incident. After the alleged murder, Moyer returned home to watch a movie while waiting for the police to arrive. The police later discovered the battery-powered chainsaw, knife, and the costume hidden in his home.

Moyer’s mugshot revealed a red injury and remnants of a bandage under his eye, which he claimed was inflicted by Whitehead. The victim’s niece, Megan Bernosky, described the incident as “mind-numbing.”

Moyer was arraigned before District Judge Eric Schrantz on a charge of homicide and is currently held without bail at the Carbon County Jail. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for April 3. The day following Moyer’s arrest, police were called to the scene again following reports of Moyer’s father, Francis, harassing the Whitehead family. Francis Moyer was subsequently arrested on harassment and related charges.