Man Accused of Serial Killings Draws Comparison to Jeffrey Dahmer

A man from Mexico City is facing severe allegations of being a serial killer, drawing comparisons to the infamous Jeffrey Dahmer. Miguel Cortez, a pharmaceutical chemist by profession, is under investigation after police discovered evidence of his gruesome crimes in his apartment.

Angela Calles, a resident of Santa Ana and relative of two of Cortez’s alleged victims, shared her harrowing account with local media. She revealed that her sister and 17-year-old niece were the latest victims of Cortez’s brutal acts. According to Calles, Cortez sexually assaulted and murdered her niece, Maria Jose Castillo, before turning his violence towards her sister on April 16.

Calles recounted the chilling scene her sister encountered upon returning home from errands. She found Cortez in her daughter’s room, where the teenager was already lifeless. Cortez then attacked her, leaving her with multiple stab wounds on her leg, neck, left lung, and pelvic area.

Cortez attempted to escape the scene, but vigilant neighbors managed to apprehend him until the police arrived. The subsequent police investigation led to a horrifying discovery in Cortez’s apartment. Officers found human remains, including seven human skulls, confirming suspicions of serial killings.

The gruesome scene extended beyond the apartment’s interior. Blood-stained curtains were visible from the street, and human bones were found alongside a saw. Mexican prosecutors have since filed seven homicide charges against Cortez.

However, the families of several missing individuals in the area suspect Cortez’s involvement in more disappearances. Critics argue that Mexican law enforcement often fails to thoroughly investigate missing persons cases until the situation becomes too dire to ignore.

Mexico City prosecutor Ulises Lara attempted to downplay the severity of the crimes, noting that only three of the alleged murders occurred during the current administration. Lara revealed that Cortez had allegedly been committing these heinous acts for over a decade. Investigators also found notebooks in the apartment, which Lara suggested could contain Cortez’s personal accounts of his crimes against his victims.

A GoFundMe account has been established to assist with medical expenses and travel costs for Calles, who is currently battling cancer. She is traveling to Mexico City to care for her sister, who is in critical condition in the ICU. Calles, referring to Cortez, said, “He’s a monster; he’s a monster.”