Man Falls to Death While Attempting to Retrieve Dropped Cellphone

In a tragic incident, an Italian man lost his life after falling from a significant height while attempting to retrieve a dropped cellphone. The man, identified as 30-year-old Andrea Mazzetto, was climbing Altar Knotto, a rock formation in his hometown of Rotzo, with his girlfriend, Sara Bragante, when the incident occurred.

The couple, who lived together, had been documenting their adventure on Instagram, sharing regular updates with Mazzetto’s nearly 2,500 followers. Moments before the fatal fall, Mazzetto and Bragante took a selfie, which Bragante later shared on her social media, referring to it as their “cursed last photo together.”

According to local police, Mazzetto fell approximately 650 feet while trying to retrieve a dropped cellphone. Initial reports suggested that the phone belonged to Bragante, but later clarifications confirmed that it was Mazzetto’s own device.

Rescue teams were dispatched to the scene, reaching Mazzetto via helicopter. However, he was pronounced dead at the location. The news of his death has left his followers and loved ones in shock, with many expressing their condolences on his social media posts.

Bragante, who witnessed the tragic incident, shared their last photo together on her Instagram account. Alongside the picture, she wrote a heartfelt message, “You will always be with me, my little bear.”

Mazzetto, a building contractor by profession, was known for his regular posts on Instagram, often expressing his love for Bragante. His funeral is scheduled for Wednesday, as reported by local media.