Man electrocuted to death after being pushed off metro platform

On Wednesday evening, a tragic event occurred at the Shot Tower metro stop near Port Discovery in Baltimore when a 28-year-old man, Christopher Foster of Cockeysville, was pushed off the platform onto the tracks and electrocuted to death. The unidentified assailant then fled the scene, leaving police to investigate whether the attack was random or the perpetrator was known to the victim.

Commuters of the metro have expressed their shock and sadness over the incident, with Robert Thomas telling WJZ-TV, “I just hate that man lost his life like that. Somebody pushed him, that’s evil, that’s totally evil.” This station is located just across from the Baltimore Police Headquarters and a recent report reveals that violent crimes in the city have decreased by 16% since 2018, in addition to a 26% drop in property crime, 24% drop in shootings, and 21% decrease in homicides since the start of the year. However, gun arrests have gone up by 33% since 2019.

Police are now attempting to identify and locate the suspect who pushed Foster onto the tracks and determine if the attack was random or not.