Man Dies After Snake Bites Him at Daycare

In a tragic incident on Tuesday, a man lost his life in a suburb of Townsville, Queensland, after being bitten by a venomous snake. The man, identified as 47-year-old Jerromy Brookes, was trying to protect a family member when he encountered an Eastern Brown Snake, the world’s second most venomous snake, at a childcare center.

Brookes, who had no professional training in snake handling, attempted to capture the snake. In the process, he was bitten multiple times on his left arm. After the incident, he managed to drive himself home, with the snake contained in a bag, to inform his wife about the situation.

Upon reaching home, Brookes lost consciousness. His wife tried to save him by bandaging his arm and performing CPR. Paula Marten, the acting director of the Townsville district in Queensland, reported that paramedics were called to the scene shortly after. However, by the time they arrived, Brookes had already gone into cardiac arrest.

He was immediately transported to Townsville University Hospital in a critical condition. Despite the medical team’s best efforts, Brookes succumbed to the snakebite later that evening.

The Eastern Brown Snake’s venom is known to be neurotoxic, affecting the muscles, heart, and other organs. The Billabong Sanctuary Townsville, an organization that tracks snake encounters, has stated that this species is responsible for most lethal snake bites in Australia. Incidents often occur when individuals attempt to kill or capture these reptiles.

Despite the unfortunate outcome of this incident, it is the first fatality from a snake bite in Australia in 2024. Snake bites are not uncommon in the area, with the Queensland Ambulance Service reporting six cases in the last 48 hours alone.

Authorities continue to emphasize the importance of snake safety and response. They urge individuals to remain vigilant and to contact professionals when faced with potentially dangerous encounters with snakes.