Man Accused of Murdering Grandparents Weeks After Prison Release

A 24-year-old man, recently released from prison, is now facing charges for the brutal murder of his grandparents in their Florida home. Jordon Dominique King, who had been living with his grandparents in Escambia County, is the prime suspect in the case. The victims were discovered in separate rooms of their residence, both having suffered fatal blunt force trauma.

King had been released from prison on November 29, 2023, after serving time for grand theft and burglary charges. His criminal record also includes a charge for grand theft of a motor vehicle. However, his freedom was short-lived as he was arrested again just six days after his release for trespassing at a woman’s home. King claimed he was being pursued by members of the Bloods gang and that people were being abused, according to case documents.

During his interaction with law enforcement, King exhibited erratic behavior, frequently changing the subject and discussing a variety of unrelated topics. He was released from jail on February 15 after pleading no contest to the trespassing charge. The judge sentenced him to a year of probation, which could be terminated early after six months.

A week after his release, Escambia County deputies responded to a call at the 1200 block of Greenbriar Boulevard. Inside a home, they discovered the bodies of a man and woman. King was immediately identified as a person of interest and was taken into custody later that day.

Sheriff Chip W. Simmons reported that a tip led to King’s arrest. “Someone called and said, ‘I think I know where this person is,’” Simmons said. King was apprehended without incident and taken to the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office. The victims were discovered after a welfare check was initiated due to relatives not hearing from the couple for several days. The crime scene was described by the sheriff as “horrific.”

A neighbor of the victims, Charlene Daughtry, expressed her shock and sadness at the news. She knew the victims as “the Kings” and described them as good people. King is currently being held without bond at a local jail and is facing two counts of second-degree murder.