Investigation shows no evidence of racial slurs during Duke volleyball game

BYU investigation contradicts racial accusations by Duke volleyball player – New York Post

A report by Brigham Young University has found no evidence that a racial slur was yelled at Duke volleyball player Rachel Richardson, meaning establishment media jumped on a racial hoax without verifying its validity.

In addition to interviews with 50 eyewitnesses, BYU reviewed all raw video and security footage taken by BYUtv that day. Following Duke’s coach relaying Richardson’s accusation that a slur had been used, the university placed four ushers, a police officer, and a Duke assistant athletic director in the student section. In the fourth set of the match, Richardson described the slurs as being louder than in the previous two, yet neither the students nor Duke’s players heard them, except Richardson. It has become clear that this is the case. The fan Richardson singled out as having used the slurs on video was shown not to have said them, and BYU has now lifted its ban. In the sold-out school-record crowd of 5,507, no one could vouch for Richardson’s claims: not the fans, not security, not even her own teammates.

It didn’t matter to establishment media, which treated the accusation as fact from the moment it was made. The New York Times, CNN, ESPN, NPR, ABC, NBC, the Washington Post, and the New York Times all reported the nonexistent slurs without even bothering to check the claim out. This is what we used to call “journalism.” Jemele Hill, one of the Atlantic’s most notorious race baiters, continued to propound the false claim.

USA Today’s Mike Freeman took it a step further. In response to the police’s determination that there was no slur in the video, Freeman declared that anyone who doubted Richardson’s claim was a conspiracy theorist. Women’s basketball coach Dawn Staley continued the trend of transforming women’s basketball into a progressive political tool by canceling games with BYU because slurs had never been used.

As with Jussie Smollett’s hate crime hoax, Bubba Wallace’s noose hoax, and the Colorado Rockies slur hoax, nothing will be learned from this. In addition to taking fake stories and presenting them as true, the establishment media are desperate for everything to perpetuate their narrative of racism in America.

This hoax should not be perpetuated by any journalists or pundits, but they won’t face consequences. This is what their outlets encourage them to do. Media outlets and media figures will dutifully jump on the next racial hoax with the same enthusiasm they did for this one because the demand for racism exceeds the supply.