Homeowner Fatally Shoots Suspected Car Thief

A Texas homeowner fatally shot a man he discovered attempting to steal his car early Tuesday morning, according to San Antonio police. The incident occurred around 3:50 a.m. at an apartment complex on Micron Drive near Culebra Road. Upon arrival, officers found a man dead from multiple gunshot wounds at the Oxford & Estonia Apartments.

The deceased man reportedly fled the scene after being shot but collapsed and died nearby. The homeowner, who was preparing for work when he noticed suspicious activity near his vehicle, told police that he opened fire when the man tried to drive away in his car.

The homeowner, a man in his fifties, is not currently facing any charges related to the incident. He informed the police that this was the third attempt to steal his vehicle.

Jerry Bernal, a resident of the neighborhood, told local media that property crime has been on the rise in the area. “We’ve had numerous vehicle break-ins,” Bernal said. “Sometimes the cars are left on blocks, or their wheels are taken, but mostly it’s theft. I guess it was bound to happen with so many break-ins.”

Another resident, Mike Long, who has lived in the complex for three years, said he heard the shooting. “It sounded like a firecracker, but it was very close to my apartment,” Long said. He described the complex as generally quiet and peaceful, despite a recent incident where patio furniture was stolen from several apartments.

Residents have expressed concern about the complex’s broken gate, which has been in disrepair for months, allowing unrestricted access to the apartments. The identity of the deceased suspect, a man in his forties, has not been released. Police recovered several bullet casings at the scene, which was reportedly marked by a significant amount of blood.