Hero Dad Dies Saving Sons from Electrified Fountain

In an act of ultimate sacrifice, Nate Davenport, a 45-year-old retired US Navy fighter pilot and father of four, tragically lost his life while saving his two young sons from an electrified water fountain at a Florida shopping center. This heart-rending incident took place at Harbourside Place in Jupiter, where Davenport was spending an afternoon with his children.

Family members recount that the tragedy unfolded when Davenport’s sons, aged 8 and 11, began playing in a splash pad at the shopping complex. Suddenly, they started screaming about being electrocuted. Without hesitation, Davenport leapt into the water to rescue his boys. He succeeded in pulling them to safety but was fatally electrocuted in the process.

The incident resulted in injuries to three children and two adults, including Davenport and his sons. Davenport was rushed to Jupiter Medical Center but sadly never regained consciousness. His sons were treated at St. Mary’s Medical Center and stayed there for several days recovering.

Davenport, a celebrated Iraq War veteran, retired from the Navy in 2008. Post-retirement, he became the president of RGD Consulting Engineers, taking over the business in 2019. Described by those who knew him as a dedicated father and avid boater, Davenport cherished family moments, especially Sunday breakfasts with his parents and time with his children.

Authorities from the Jupiter Police Department, in collaboration with the town’s Building Department, Harbourside Place, and Florida Power & Light, are investigating the causes of the fatal electrocution. Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Harbourside Place clarified that the incident occurred not in the splash pad area, but in a nearby fountain where swimming and climbing were prohibited.

The CEO of Harbourside Place, Nick Mastroianni, expressed deep sorrow over the incident, emphasizing the community’s focus on supporting the affected families and asking for prayers in this difficult time. This devastating event has highlighted potential safety hazards in public spaces, raising questions and concerns about electrical safety and the enforcement of regulations in recreational areas.

As the community mourns the loss of a local hero, Nate Davenport’s brother-in-law, Mike Bishop, reflected on the selfless nature of Davenport’s actions, stating that his bravery and sacrifice in saving his children was exactly what they would have expected from him – a testament to his character and love for his family.