Woman’s Body Found Stashed in Suitcase

In a chilling discovery, Georgia resident Freddrick Durham has been arrested following the finding of his girlfriend’s body, which was concealed in a suitcase at their shared residence. Durham faces multiple charges including felony murder, after the unfortunate victim, Margret Dubignon, was earlier reported missing by her concerned family.

The unsettling incident began to unfold when the Thomaston Georgia Police Department was alerted to a potential missing person case at a home on W. County Rd. Upon their arrival, Dubignon’s family members voiced their anxieties about not having seen or contacted her since the previous Thursday. It was also noted that Durham, alongside Dubignon’s car, had vanished.

The case took a grim turn when Dubignon’s relatives reached out to the police a second time, reporting a horrifying find: a body they suspected to be Dubignon’s, hidden inside a large suitcase in a closet of the residence. The Upson County Coroner later confirmed the identity of the body as that of Dubignon.

While the specific details of how Dubignon was allegedly murdered by Durham remain undisclosed, authorities promptly declared Durham a prime suspect in her killing. A statewide BOLO (be on the lookout) alert was issued for the stolen vehicle. In a collaborative effort with other law enforcement units, the car was found in Atlanta, leading to Durham’s capture through the aid of the Atlanta Police Department.

Currently detained at the Upson County Jail without bond, Durham awaits further legal proceedings. The police have acknowledged and appreciated the cooperation and help provided by Dubignon’s family during this difficult and complex investigation.

This event has deeply shaken the local community, prompting a thorough ongoing investigation into the motives and the full sequence of events leading to this tragic murder. The law enforcement’s swift action brings some relief, but the sorrow and impact of the crime linger, marking a solemn reminder of the potential hidden dangers within seemingly normal relationships.