Gun Store Employee Charged with Murder in Alleged Shoplifter’s Death

A Houston gun store employee has been indicted on murder charges following a year-long investigation into the fatal shooting of an alleged shoplifter. The incident, which took place at Carter’s Country Store in June 2022, was captured on surveillance video and involved employee Mark Winger and Terry Evans Jr.

The video footage shows Evans entering the store, approaching a cash register, and seemingly taking cash before attempting to leave. A female employee is seen approaching Evans, followed by Winger who fires shots at Evans as he tries to flee the scene.

Evans was later discovered by firefighters in a nearby parking lot. He was transported to a hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. Prior to the incident at the gun store, Evans had reportedly attempted to steal clothing from a neighboring store but was deterred by the staff.

Winger was arrested and charged with murder this week, as reported by KTRK-TV. He was released after posting a $30,000 bond.

The family’s attorney for Evans has contested the justification of the shooting. Jason Gibson stated that under Texas law, deadly force is only justified if there is an immediate threat of death or serious bodily harm.

Gibson further alleged that no one from the gun store called 911 during the incident. Initial police reports suggested that Winger feared for his life as Evans was believed to be carrying a sharp object. However, Gibson refutes this claim, stating that the surveillance video shows Evans holding only a styrofoam cup.

In an interview conducted in April, Evans’ parents acknowledged their son’s criminal history and mental health struggles, but emphasized his role as a loving father to his three sons. Terry Evans Sr. expressed his profound grief over the loss of his son.