Man Sentenced for Fatally Stabbing Woman During Sexual Encounter

Simon Weyiouanna, a 33-year-old man from Alaska, has been handed a 50-year prison sentence following his admission to the murder of a woman in 2018. Weyiouanna confessed to the killing of 42-year-old Cheri Ingram during a sexual encounter, and his subsequent attempt to dispose of her body before his girlfriend’s return.

In March, Weyiouanna entered a guilty plea to a charge of second-degree murder, as part of a plea deal with the state. The agreement outlined a 75-year sentence, with 25 years suspended, resulting in a minimum of 50 years to be served by Weyiouanna. The brutal incident has deeply affected both families involved, with Ingram’s relatives expressing their sorrow and shock at the senseless act of violence.

The fatal event took place on February 28, 2018, when Weyiouanna picked up Ingram and took her to his home. A dispute broke out during their meeting, which resulted in Weyiouanna stabbing Ingram multiple times. He then wrapped her body in a bedsheet and attempted to place it in his vehicle.

A bystander, who reported the incident to 911, observed Weyiouanna dragging what seemed to be a human leg from beneath a pile of sheets outside an apartment building. The witness’s husband and son held Weyiouanna at gunpoint until the police arrived. Upon their arrival, the police found Ingram’s body wrapped in sheets, Weyiouanna’s blood-soaked clothes, a cut on his finger, and a bloody knife in his pocket.

During the investigation, Weyiouanna confessed to picking up Ingram from a nearby gas station and taking her to his home. He admitted to stabbing her multiple times during their sexual encounter and trying to dispose of her body before his girlfriend came home.

Ingram’s death has had a devastating effect on her family. Her son, Mark Lopez, disclosed during Weyiouanna’s sentencing that one of his younger brothers had overdosed on heroin in 2021, a tragedy he attributes to the grief caused by their mother’s death.

At his sentencing, Weyiouanna expressed regret for his actions. Despite the pain and loss, Lopez extended forgiveness to Weyiouanna, praying for mercy on his soul. The tragic incident serves as a grim reminder of the devastating consequences of violence.