Former Trump Official Mike Gill Dies Following Carjacking Incident in D.C.

Mike Gill, a former official in the Trump administration, tragically lost his life on Saturday after being shot during a carjacking incident in Washington D.C. earlier in the week. Gill’s wife, Kristina, confirmed his passing in a heartfelt statement, expressing the deep void his sudden death has left in their family.

Gill had a distinguished career in public service, having served as the chief operating officer of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission during Trump’s presidency. His professional life was marked by dedication and commitment, but it was his personal relationships that truly defined him.

Drew Maloney, President and CEO of the American Investment Council and a close friend of Gill’s for over a decade, expressed his gratitude for their enduring friendship. He described Gill as more than just a friend, but an integral part of his family, highlighting the bond their daughters shared.

Former CFTF Chairman J. Christopher Giancarlo also paid tribute to Gill, describing him as a wonderful, honest, and open-hearted individual. He lamented the tragic loss of a cherished friend and colleague, emphasizing that Gill’s memory would be long-lasting.

The tragic incident unfolded as Gill was picking up his wife from work. According to police reports, 28-year-old Artell Cunningham approached Gill’s parked car outside an office building on K street and shot him in the head. Cunningham then fled the scene on foot, embarking on a crime spree that included attempted car thefts, a fatal shooting, and firing at police officers.

Cunningham’s rampage ended when he was shot and killed by New Carrollton police officers in Prince George’s County after allegedly threatening them with two firearms. Authorities believe a mental breakdown may have triggered Cunningham’s violent actions.

At the time of his death, Gill was serving as the senior vice president for Capital Markets at the Housing Policy Council. He leaves behind his wife and three children, Sean, Brian, and Annika.