Former Miss Bolivia Arrested on Arms Trafficking Charges

Alondra Mercado Campos, a 22-year-old former beauty queen who held the titles of Miss Bolivia Mundo 2020 and Miss Charm Bolivia in 2023, has been arrested on suspicion of arms trafficking. She is currently being held in Trinidad Women’s Prison in Beni, Bolivia, according to local news sources. The arrest follows a raid by Bolivia’s Special Force to Fight Drug Trafficking (FLECN) on the condominium she shared with her boyfriend, where a large cache of firearms and ammunition was discovered.

The arrest of Mercado Campos occurred a month after the raid. During her recent court appearance, the judge ruled that she should be held for 30 days in pre-trial detention, citing her as a potential flight risk. The decision was made as prosecutors await the results of forensic tests on her BMW SUV, which could potentially lead to additional drug-related charges.

Mercado Campos, who boasts over 41,000 followers on Instagram, is believed to be connected to a drug-trafficking ring led by her boyfriend, Andres Vasquez. Vasquez is currently a fugitive, having escaped during the November drug raid on their shared apartment. He is wanted on a drug-trafficking warrant.

Evidence of the couple’s lifestyle has been found on Mercado Campos’ social media accounts. Photos and videos depict the couple enjoying leisure activities, often accompanied by their small white dog. Gerardo Balderas, the departmental prosecutor of Beni, revealed that videos found on a seized cellphone show Mercado Campos and Vasquez at several parties where weapons confiscated during the raid were present.

Mercado Campos’ social media content primarily consists of glamorous photos of herself modeling various outfits. Her most recent post, dated December 7, featured the beauty queen in a tight minidress by a pool. The caption, written in Spanish, encouraged living in the moment and enjoying life.

Vasquez remains at large after evading authorities in late November. The investigation into Mercado Campos’ potential involvement in drug trafficking continues, with the results of the forensic tests on her vehicle pending.