Father arrested after beating 2-month-old in act of revenge

In Indiana, a 19-year-old man is facing two felony charges after he confessed to brutally beating his 2-month-old son out of revenge for the baby pulling out his nose ring.

On Monday, Aaron Scott Evans was arrested and charged with one count of battery to a child, causing serious bodily injury, and neglect of a dependent, resulting in serious bodily injury.

The Avon Police Department were called to a local hospital on April 3rd in regards to the infant being admitted with suspicious and severe injuries. Doctors found that the baby’s body was full of bruises and had a cut on the top of his head which was in the process of healing, leading them to believe it was inflicted a few days before. The child was then taken to Indiana’s Riley Children’s Hospital for more treatment.

At the hospital, doctors revealed that the infant had broken both legs, multiple rib fractures, a subdural hemorrhage, and a multitude of contusions, all of which were determined to be a result of non-accidental physical abuse. The infant was placed in the ICU in critical condition.

After questioning the infant’s mother and a roommate who lived with Evans and the mother, investigators spoke with Evans. He reportedly admitted to having “major anger issues” and said he had punched the infant in his legs multiple times, dropped him onto the floor, and dropped him into his car seat with more force than necessary. When asked why he had committed such acts, Evans informed investigators that he was angry that the baby had pulled his nose ring and wanted to “inflict pain back.”

Following the interview, Evans was detained at the Hendricks County Jail and a no-contact order was issued, preventing him from seeing his son. Evans is set to appear in court for a pretrial conference on June 5. There has been no update on the child’s condition.