Mass shooting at shopping mall food court, suspect at large

The Delaware State Police are on the hunt for at least one individual who was involved in a shooting rampage at the Christiana Mall in Newark, Delaware on Saturday night.
The shooting incident caused three people to suffer gunshot wounds and five others to sustain injuries from other means. The authorities believe that the shooting was not a random attack, but the result of an altercation between multiple individuals, one of whom was a victim.

Jim Harmon, one of the victims, recounted the event to Action News. Harmon said he was waiting for his food to be ready when he heard a series of shots, which prompted everyone to start running. Fortunately, Harmon’s injury was not life-threatening. He told the news outlet that he felt something brush against his shoulder, but it was nothing major.
When the shooting started, officers instructed the shoppers to hide in stores, and the mall was evacuated later in the evening.

The Christiana Mall is known as the largest shopping mall in Delaware and is a popular destination due to the lack of sales tax in the state. Consequently, the mall is closed on Easter Sunday, and customers can stop by to retrieve their personal items. The police have asked any citizens who have information regarding the shooting to come forward.