Ex-Meta Engineer’s Family Found Dead in Their $2.1 Million Home

A tragic incident unfolded in a $2.1 million California residence, where a former Meta engineer, his wife, a data scientist, and their twin four-year-old sons were discovered dead. The police are currently treating the case as a murder-suicide. Anand Sujith Henry, 37, is suspected of killing his wife, Alice Benzinger, 38, and their sons before taking his own life, according to sources.

The family was found dead in their home on Monday morning, following a welfare check. The parents were discovered with gunshot wounds, a 9mm pistol, and a loaded magazine in one of the bathrooms. The twins were found lifeless in one of the five bedrooms of the house.

The cause of death for the two young boys has not been disclosed, but sources close to the investigation suggest they may have been smothered, strangled, or given a lethal overdose, as there were no signs of physical trauma on their bodies.

The motive behind the tragic incident remains unknown as the investigation continues. The San Mateo Police Department, in a statement, assured the public that there was no threat to the community, as the person believed to be responsible was found within the house. They also noted that there was no evidence of forced entry into the home.

The police have been called to the house on several occasions in the past, but the nature of these calls has not been disclosed. Court records reveal that Henry, who previously worked as a software engineering manager at Meta and Google, filed for divorce from Benzinger, a data science manager at Zillow, in December 2016. However, the divorce never materialized, and the couple moved into their San Mateo home in 2020, where they raised their children.

Neighbors described the couple as friendly and their family as seemingly happy. One neighbor recalled seeing the couple taking walks while Benzinger was pregnant, and later with their children. However, some neighbors reported hearing gunshots from the house before the arrival of the police.

The investigation is ongoing as detectives gather evidence, interview witnesses and family members, and attempt to determine a possible motive for the tragic incident.