Drunk Disney Park Visitor Sparks Brawl

A 61-year-old Ohio resident, Brent George, is facing assault charges in Florida following an incident at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort in Orlando. The altercation, which took place in January, allegedly began when George mocked a woman with Down syndrome.

The incident occurred at the Belle Vue Lounge, a bar within the resort, where George was reportedly drinking with his wife and two friends on January 25. According to the police report, George had consumed three shots of bourbon and a beer at the bar.

The victims of the incident were identified as Candace Boyette Goldberg, Wesley Goldberg, Maria Ayalde, and Richard Goldberg. Among them was Wesley’s sister and Candace’s daughter, who has Down syndrome and uses a wheelchair.

George claimed that he approached the victims’ area but could not recall specific details due to his intoxication. He remembered having a good time with the individuals before being attacked. Despite not being able to identify who assaulted him, George expressed his desire to press charges.

George’s friend, Ward Weber, stated that he saw George approach the victims’ table because they were having fun. Weber witnessed someone throw a glass cup at George, causing him to bleed from the upper left side of his face. Weber did not observe what led to the confrontation or hear any conversation between George and the other party.

However, the victims provided a more detailed account of the incident. Wesley claimed that George approached their table and began mocking his sister by imitating the sounds she made. The situation escalated into a physical confrontation when Candace confronted George about his behavior. George allegedly shoved Candace twice, slapped Maria when she tried to intervene, and punched Wesley when he got involved. A bystander eventually intervened and removed George from the scene.

The police report noted that no broken glass was found at the scene, suggesting that no glass cup was used in the incident. George was arrested and taken into custody. He was initially refused by jail staff due to potential facial fractures but was later booked into the corrections center after medical clearance. George was charged with four counts of first-degree battery, a misdemeanor, and has pleaded not guilty. The case docket does not indicate a future hearing.