DoorDash driver kidnapped by man that shot at family who came to rescue her

A terrifying incident occurred in Florida where a DoorDash driver, in her twenties, was kidnapped and raped by a 38 year-old male suspect.

The police have identified this suspect as Joseph Killins. On the night of April 18th, Killins forced the delivery driver to drive to a Belara Lakes Apartment complex, where he then raped her.

The victim’s family was able to track her location and went to the apartment to rescue her, however, Killins opened fire on them. One of the family members of the victim’s girlfriend, a 20 year-old, was struck by a bullet. Killins fled the scene and the next day he attacked a woman in her early 40s, taking her backpack and punching her in the face.

After a thorough investigation, police located and arrested Killins at the Tampa Inn hotel.

DoorDash spokesperson, Julian Crowley, expressed his disgust for the crime and expressed his support for the Dasher.

Killins is being held at the Orient Road Jail and faces charges of armed kidnapping, robbery with a firearm, armed sexual battery and aggravated battery with a weapon, as well as a charge of robbery in connection to the April 19 attack.