‘Disney on Ice’ Performer Critically Injured During Show

A performer in a Disney on Ice show in Minneapolis was critically injured on Saturday after a fall during her performance. The skater, who was portraying Belle from “Beauty and the Beast,” fell while being lifted into the air by another performer, according to official statements.

The injured performer was immediately rushed to Hennepin County Medical Center. As of Sunday morning, she was reported to be in a critical but stable condition. The exact nature and extent of her injuries remain undisclosed.

An eyewitness, a local mother identified only as Beka, shared her account of the incident. She noted that the performer seemed unsteady before the fall, which occurred during a lift with an actor playing the Beast. The accident happened approximately 40 minutes into the 11 a.m. show.

Beka expressed her gratitude towards the remaining staff and performers who continued the show despite the incident. She acknowledged the difficulty of maintaining the magic of the performance for the children in the audience under such circumstances.

Footage of the incident, which has been circulating online, shows the performer lying on the ice, seemingly in distress, as the actor playing the Beast and medical personnel rush to her aid.

Disney on Ice expressed appreciation for the outpouring of support from fans as their team member recovers. The company clarified that the injured performer was not a local Minnesota skater, but a member of the production team. The show is scheduled to continue its run in Minneapolis through Sunday.