Chipotle Customer Shoots Employee

A dispute over guacamole at a Michigan Chipotle restaurant took a violent turn when a disgruntled customer shot a 21-year-old employee. The 32-year-old suspect was seen brandishing a firearm during the altercation, which was captured on video. The employee, in an attempt to prevent the customer from leaving, grabbed his sweatshirt.

Thomas Huber, a witness at the scene, recounted the incident to local media. He was enjoying his meal when he heard the escalating argument. The employee had momentarily left the counter, during which the customer attempted to bag his food. Upon the employee’s return, the argument turned physical, culminating in a gunshot. The patrons, including Huber, quickly fled the scene.

The employee was hit in the leg and was immediately transported to a nearby hospital. According to Southfield police, he was in stable condition upon arrival.

The suspect, a Detroit resident whose identity has not been disclosed, left the scene at a leisurely pace. Micahel Beales, another witness who managed to film the incident, noted the suspect’s nonchalant demeanor. He observed the man calmly walk to his car and drive away without any apparent haste.

Authorities were able to locate the suspect at a nearby location shortly after the incident. The charges he may face in connection with the shooting are yet to be determined.

Chipotle, the fast-food chain where the incident occurred, has not yet issued a statement or responded to requests for comment.