Tourist Falls into Volcano During Photo Op

A tragic incident unfolded in Indonesia when a tourist fell 250 feet into the crater of an active volcano while attempting to take photographs. The victim, a 31-year-old woman from China named Huang Lihong, was visiting the Ijen volcano park in East Java with her husband as part of a guided tour when the accident occurred on Saturday, according to Hongxing News.

Lihong and her husband had ascended the active volcano, renowned for its striking “blue fire” phenomenon, to witness the sunrise. The tour guide had reportedly cautioned Lihong about the risks of getting too close to the crater’s edge while taking pictures. Despite the warnings, she maintained a safe distance initially.

However, the situation took a turn for the worse when Lihong began to step backward to get closer to the edge. She tripped over her long clothing and fell into the volcano’s mouth. A photograph circulating in local media depicted Lihong posing with one leg raised and sulfur gas clouds in the background moments before her fatal fall.

Rescue teams took approximately two hours to recover her body, as per the authorities. The incident has been classified as an accident.

Lihong’s body was set to be transported to Bali before being flown back to her home country, China, as reported by local media.

The Ijen volcano, part of a group of volcanoes in the region, is famous for its “blue fire”. This unique phenomenon is the result of sulfuric gases combusting.