Girl Murders Mom, Allegedly Invites Friend to See Body

A 14-year-old girl is currently facing serious charges, including murder and attempted murder, after she allegedly shot her mother and injured her stepfather in their residence. The case took a horrifying twist when it was reported that the teenager invited a friend to her home to see her mother’s dead body, as stated by law enforcement officials.

The accused, Carly Madison Gregg, was taken into custody in March and is being prosecuted as an adult. She has entered a plea of not guilty to the charges against her. A preliminary hearing recording recently made public revealed the teenager’s eerily composed behavior following the alleged shooting, as seen on home surveillance footage.

The video provides a glimpse into the moments leading up to the tragic incident. It shows the accused and her mother entering their home, and later, the teenager is seen entering her mother’s bedroom. Investigator Zachary Cotton from Rankin County narrated the sequence of events, stating, “Then you hear a gunshot, a scream, followed by two more gunshots.”

The surveillance footage also captures the accused returning to the kitchen, where she is seen using her phone. Further investigation revealed that she was purportedly texting her stepfather, inquiring about his expected arrival time. In a shocking revelation, Cotton stated that the accused was seen “singing to her dog” in between the shootings.

According to authorities, the accused invited a friend over, describing the situation as an emergency. The friend’s father drove her to the house, where the accused allegedly showed her the body of her deceased mother. The investigator stated that the accused also showed her friend the weapon used in the murder and confessed to shooting her mother and stepfather three times each.

Law enforcement officials reported that when the stepfather arrived home, the accused shot him in the shoulder. Despite his injury, he was able to fend her off, and she ran away through their backyard. The accused was caught shortly after near the house. The stepfather, a math teacher at Northwest Rankin High School, is currently recovering from his injuries.

The reason behind this horrifying incident has not been revealed. As the trial continues, more information is expected to surface. The community is in shock and mourning the loss of the victim, who was known for her talents in mathematics, technology, and the arts.