Body of Missing Student Found in River

The body of a University of Missouri student, Riley Strain, who had been missing since early March, was found in the Cumberland River in West Nashville, according to authorities. Strain, 22, was in Nashville on a visit with his Delta Chi fraternity brothers when he vanished after departing a well-known country bar on March 8.

The Metropolitan Nashville Police reported that Strain’s body was discovered near 61st Avenue North at approximately 7:30 a.m. on Friday. Although there are currently no suspicions of foul play, an autopsy has been arranged to establish the cause of death.

CCTV footage revealed Strain leaving the bar in a direction opposite to his hotel shortly after being escorted out due to what the bar termed a breach of its “conduct standards.” Strain was asked to leave Luke’s 32 Bridge around 9:35 p.m. on the night he disappeared, as observed by the bar’s security team.

Authorities noted that Strain seemed to be in good health during a brief encounter with a police officer who was investigating a reported vehicle burglary in the vicinity. However, the details of Strain’s actions after departing the officer’s presence remain unclear.

The discovery of Strain’s bank card on the riverbank by two TikTok users who were livestreaming their search efforts led to a renewed search in the area. The bank card had not been used since Strain’s disappearance, which raised additional questions about the circumstances of his disappearance.

The sudden disappearance of Riley Strain has left his friends and family seeking answers. A fraternity brother of Strain’s disclosed that he sent a puzzling text message to a romantic interest before he disappeared. The message, which read “Good lops,” has left those close to him baffled, adding to the enigma of his final moments.

The investigation into the case continues, with law enforcement hoping to uncover more details about what happened on the night of Strain’s disappearance. The results of the autopsy are anticipated to provide some insight into the cause of death, offering some closure for Strain’s family and friends.