Beverly Hills 90210 Star Attacked by Gang on Mini-Bikes

Ian Ziering, a well-known actor from the popular television series “Beverly Hills, 90210,” found himself in a heated altercation with a group of motorbike riders on Hollywood Blvd. on Sunday. The actor’s vehicle was reportedly surrounded by several individuals on mini-motorized bikes, leading to a tense situation.

A video of the incident, which has since been widely circulated, shows Ziering stepping out of his car and engaging in a physical confrontation with one of the bikers. The biker’s motorbike was parked directly in front of Ziering’s vehicle, which may have sparked the altercation. However, the exact cause of the dispute remains unclear, including whether a collision between one of the bikes and Ziering’s vehicle had occurred.

The situation quickly escalated as more bikers joined the fray. Four individuals were seen throwing punches at Ziering, according to the video. An individual close to the incident suggested that Ziering’s vehicle might have been hit before the brawl started, but this has not been confirmed.

In an attempt to flee the escalating situation, Ziering was captured on video running across a busy street, pursued by the helmeted and masked bikers. Despite one rider grabbing onto his back and another trying to trip him, Ziering managed to reach the safety of the sidewalk.

As the altercation continued, onlookers did not intervene or assist Ziering. Eventually, the actor was able to return to his car and leave the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Following the incident, Ziering filed a police report, listing himself as the victim.