Arrest made in shooting death of mom helping daughter get ready for prom

An individual has been taken into custody in the aftermath of the heartbreaking death of a Texas mother who was fatally shot while driving her teenage daughter to pick up a prom dress on Mother’s Day.

Charlton Porter, 27, is likely to be charged with murder in the case of Ana Moreno, as reported by local Fox affiliate KDFW.

On May 14, Moreno, 39, had been traveling with her daughter Amy Rodriguez, a high school senior, to get her hair done in Dallas when two automobiles on the same road began to engage in a shootout. Moreno was caught in the crossfire and was hit in the throat.

On Thursday, Porter was arrested in New Orleans, Louisiana on charges of murder arising from a shooting that happened on June 25th. “It was hard to accept the fact that he was just going to go on living his life and my sister was gone,” stated Moreno’s sister, Aura Moreno, to the station. Moreno had intended to take Amy to buy her a prom dress before the dance that night.

Police officers attending the scene in the Pleasant Grove area of the largest city in North Texas reported that Moreno and three other men had been wounded by gunfire. According to the Dallas Police Department, shots were fired from both cars on either side of Moreno’s vehicle. Moreno’s daughter Michelle Rodriguez recounted that “all she heard was gunshots, and she said my mom made a signal like she couldn’t breathe, and then she leaned on Amy’s shoulder and that’s when they crashed, and that’s when Amy said she called the ambulance.”

A GoFundMe was established by her family to help with funeral expenses. The fundraiser, started by Aura Moreno, reads: “With heavy hearts we share that Ana was suddenly taken away from us due to gun violence. On May 13th she was driving with her daughter to pick up her prom dress. She left a son and two daughters. We want to thank everyone who has reached out to us with condolences. We will appreciate everyone’s help in putting Ana to rest.”