American Tourist Mysteriously Disappears on Cruise

A 66-year-old American man, Edmond Bradley Solomon III, originally from South Carolina, has mysteriously vanished while on a cruise vacation in Mexico with his family. Solomon, who was recently diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia, was traveling on Royal Caribbean’s Icon of the Seas and had planned to spend the day at port in Cozumel, Mexico. However, he disappeared shortly after disembarking from the ship last week.

Frontotemporal dementia, the condition Solomon was diagnosed with, is a specific type of dementia that affects behavior rather than memory. According to his daughter, Savanah Miller, Solomon’s condition sometimes leads him to say unusual things and behave erratically. She explained that her father’s odd behavior is a result of him doing what he knows how to do.

On April 3, Solomon and his wife, Mimi, disembarked from the ship around 1:30 p.m. They stopped to use the restroom, and when Mimi emerged, Solomon was nowhere to be found. She initially thought he might still be in the bathroom and waited for him, but he never came out. A family member who was with the couple checked the restroom and found that Solomon was not there. He was reported missing around 8:00 p.m. that evening, and a search mission was launched around 9:00 p.m.

Local police received a report that a taxi driver claimed to have picked up a tourist who matched Solomon’s description. The tourist reportedly wanted to be taken to a road with beach access. The taxi driver also mentioned that the tourist had paid for the ride with his watch, claiming he didn’t have any money with him.

The family is now appealing to the community for help in finding Solomon. Miller described her father as a caring individual who always ensured the safety and well-being of his loved ones. She said he was always ready to help others and now it’s time for others to help him.

Miller urged people to spread the word about her father’s disappearance. She believes that raising awareness and getting as many people as possible on the island to look for him is the best way to find him.