Amazon Delivery Driver Assaulted in Texas Luxury Apartment Complex

A shocking incident unfolded in a high-end apartment complex in Texas, where a black Amazon delivery driver was allegedly assaulted by two white women. The driver, JaMaiya Miller, 25, was delivering a package at the Belle Mead at River Oaks complex near Houston on December 16. She was allowed entry into the building by a resident, who later accused her of trespassing.

As Miller was attempting to complete her delivery, another woman arrived on the scene. The two women, who remain unidentified, allegedly attacked Miller. In a video shared by Miller on TikTok, one of the women can be heard accusing her of being a thief. Despite Miller’s pleas for the woman to stop touching her, the woman continued to physically confront her.

The second woman threatened to call security, to which Miller responded by asking her to do so, as she felt harassed. The first woman then escalated the situation by pushing Miller against a wall and assaulting her. Miller recounted the incident to KHOU, stating that the woman hit her with her phone, made false accusations, and physically blocked her from leaving.

The incident left Miller traumatized. She described the situation as terrifying, not knowing how it would end. She expressed her fear of being a black woman confronted by two affluent white women, and the lengths they were willing to go to assault her.

The situation was eventually de-escalated by a doorman who arrived on the scene, allowing Miller to call 911. The Houston police are currently investigating the incident.

In her video, Miller accused the woman of spewing racist tropes and using her privilege as a weapon. She also criticized the woman for falsely claiming that Miller was hitting her while she was the one assaulting Miller.

The management of Belle Meade at River Oaks expressed their awareness of the incident, stating that the actions of the women do not reflect the values of the complex. They emphasized their commitment to creating a hospitable environment and ensuring the safety of all residents, guests, employees, and service providers.

The building’s policy requires all packages to be delivered to the concierge desk. However, Miller stated that her instructions were to deliver the package to a suite. The management acknowledged that a resident mistakenly allowed Miller onto a restricted-access elevator and hallway, where the incident took place.

The Houston Police Department’s Major Assaults Division is set to interview all parties involved and present the findings to the District Attorney’s Office for potential charges. Amazon has expressed concern over the incident and is supporting Miller while cooperating with law enforcement.

Miller, who was wearing her Amazon vest during the incident, expressed relief that she showed restraint during the confrontation. She has since taken time off work, stating that the incident has disrupted her life, causing her to lose sleep and have difficulty eating.