Former Model Isabel Lawson Missing from Florida Treatment Center

Isabel Lawson, a 24-year-old former model, has gone missing from a women’s addiction treatment center in Pensacola, Florida. Standing at 5-foot-10 with blue eyes and blonde hair, Lawson had moved to Los Angeles after high school to pursue a modeling career. She was last seen in the company of a homeless man at a gas station in Alabama.

Lawson’s parents, Anna and Lance Lawson, have been in a state of distress since they learned of their daughter’s disappearance from the non-lockdown facility. Anna expressed deep concern for her daughter’s safety, highlighting that Isabel suffers from mental health issues and had no identification or phone with her when she left the facility. She also emphasized that Isabel, originally from Santa Rosa, was unfamiliar with Pensacola.

Isabel Lawson has been featured in fashion magazines both in the United States and internationally. Since her disappearance, her parents, Pensacola police, and the anti-trafficking group The Shepherds have been tirelessly searching for her.

On Thursday, Lawson’s parents revealed that a surveillance video from a gas station in Mobile, Alabama, showed their daughter in the company of a homeless man. The Shepherds group has since been able to contact the man, but Lawson’s whereabouts remain unknown.

After leaving the treatment center, Lawson was spotted at the Circle K on Cervantes Street and North Davis Highway in Pensacola. An employee reported that she was asking people for rides. Her parents disclosed that she has been battling addiction for several years, but had been sober for the past six months.

Anna described her daughter as a beautiful, kind-hearted, and vulnerable young woman. She expressed her fear and worry for her daughter’s safety and urged her to get in touch if possible.

Brad Dennis, a member of The Shepherds, emphasized the importance of responding to every missing person case with the same urgency as Lawson’s. He noted that individuals often go missing due to a specific need, and by intervening, they might be able to provide an alternative solution.

Anyone with information on Isabel Lawson’s whereabouts is urged to contact Pensacola police at (850) 435-1900 or The Shepherds at (929) 346-3663.