A Detroit Man Shot 8 People Over A Parking Dispute

The Police Chief in Detroit, Michigan, provided updates on a Sunday mass shooting involving a suspected gunman with a military background firing dozens of rounds from inside his home at a neighbor’s house.

At a news conference Monday, Detroit police Chief James White said that the shooting occurred about 2:30 a.m. Sunday, with the suspect, who has a military background, firing several rounds from both the first and second floors of his home at the house across the street. The suspect fired the hail of bullets as a birthday party was still happening, and several people were in the home.

Authorities said preliminary investigations showed that the suspect became upset because a sport utility vehicle belonging to one of the partygoers was blocking his driveway. Instead of calling police to diffuse the situation, the suspect decided to “take matters into his own hands,” White said.

Two people were killed in the incident, while six others were injured. White identified the dead victims as a 39-year-old woman and a 38-year-old man. The remaining victims were mostly in their late 30s, with one being 19.

White said officers responding to calls of the shooting lawfully entered the suspect’s residence because they had information that he fired a gun inside the home.

The two dead victims attempted to drive themselves to a hospital but crashed their vehicles near it and were eventually transported to the hospital, where they died, police said.

They found that the suspect had “positioned military-style weapons strategically around his house, just in case he was engaged by officers,” White said. Eventually, officers found the suspect hiding in the darkness, and he surrendered without firing on officers.

He was taken into custody, and the police recovered 11 guns inside the house. The suspect has yet to be named, and prosecutors in Wayne County are expected to decide charges within the next day, officials said during Monday’s news conference.

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