Families brawl at the entrance of Walt Disney World

On Monday, a physical altercation broke out at Walt Disney World when one family asked another to move aside so they could take a picture in front of the park’s 100th year anniversary sign.

A video taken from inside the park captured the altercation which showed the two groups of people exchanging punches and one man on the ground. Employees and security personnel attempted to break up the fight, however the man on the floor had difficulty standing back up and chose to remain seated.

According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, one person required medical care following the incident, though charges were not pressed.

The feud began at 2:30 p.m. when one family member punched another in the face after being asked to move. Walt Disney World Resort did not make an immediate comment.

Unfortunately, fights at the Magic Kingdom are not uncommon. Disney put out a warning in 2022 against inappropriate behavior in their theme parks in Florida and California after numerous violent incidents. Last July, a massive fight erupted outside Mickey’s PhilharMagic theater involving at least 10 people who were in a heated argument. Two people were arrested and multiple people were banned from Disney’s parks.