Mom fatally shot getting daughter ready for prom

On Sunday evening, Ana Moreno and her daughter Amy had plans to get Ana’s hair done and pick up a dress for Amy’s big night. But their plans changed when, at around 4 p.m., they were driving near a shopping center at the intersection of Bruton Road and Masters Drive in the Pleasant Grove area of the city and men in two separate vehicles started shooting at one another.

Amy quickly told her mom to keep going and flee to safety, but her mother did not respond. Amy then noticed she had been shot and was bleeding. Jacob Faz and his wife drove by and Faz ran to help. He put a shirt on the wound and lifted her up to see if he could get a response, but he could not.

Ana and three other men were taken to the hospital, but she was pronounced dead. The three men remain in critical condition, and the police have yet to clarify whether they were involved in the shooting or innocent bystanders, and no arrests have been made.

Amy said she no longer cared about her prom night, only that her mother be OK. Michelle, Ana’s younger daughter, recalled how excited her mother was about Amy’s prom and expressed her sorrow that she did not get to see it happen.

To honor Ana on Mother’s Day, family and friends released balloons in her favorite colors, red and gold, at the crash site. Amy spoke of the bond they all had with her mother and how much potential she had, noting that it was not fair for her to be taken away from them so soon.