YouTuber Found Human Remains in Abandoned Building

According to authorities, a YouTuber named Matthew Nunez made a shocking discovery of skeletal remains. It happened inside a Milwaukee building earlier this month, on August 10, at 231 W Burleigh in Milwaukee. The building had been abandoned for approximately 15-20 years. The YouTuber entered the building to film a video and soon discovered the body.

According to the medical examiner, the skeleton was clothed in a dark coat with orange lining, a white shirt with a Pfizer logo, and black pants. He also had five rings, which authorities hope will help identify the remains.

According to authorities, the majority of the remains were mummified, except for the head, feet, and one arm. Officials were able to identify tattoos on the man’s body, which could help to identify the man as well.

Amy Michala, the lead forensic investigator told WTMJ Milwaukee “We would like to be able to provide some type of closure for that family, we have found their loved one.”

No identification has been made yet. The police have opened an investigation.

This is just one of many reports of human remains being discovered recently.

Early this month, a family in New Zealand made a horrible discovery when they opened the suitcases they purchased at an auction. They opened them up to find human skeleton remains inside. A police investigation was quickly launched after the findings, and the police believe that the two skeleton remains belonged to two children, likely between the ages of five and ten years old. Investigators are using multiple strategies to try and identify the remains, including DNA. The investigation is currently ongoing.

Another body was found just this week on August 16 along U.S. Route 220 in Ronoake, Virginia. Not much information has been released yet. According to police it is an ongoing investigation as well. Early this year in the same area, Ronoake County in Virigina, more human remains were found. After a human skull and additional human remains were found in the 7500 block of Old Mill on April 14, the Roanoke County Police Department was called, and an investigation began. The Medical Examiner later confirmed that the remains were identified as Sheldon Stacy. He was initially reported missing on Feb. 16. 2022.

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