Woman’s Remains Found in Boyfriend’s Fridge After Year-Long Disappearance

The body of a Texas woman, who was reported missing in June, was allegedly stored in her boyfriend’s refrigerator for over a year. Chad Stevens, 42, was arrested by McKinney police on charges of tampering with the remains of his girlfriend, Heather Schwab, 35.

Heather Schwab was reported missing by her mother, Tammra Schwab, in June. The mother-daughter relationship was strained, with no communication for over a year. Tammra Schwab informed the police that her daughter lived with Stevens in an abusive relationship, but Heather refused to leave him. She also revealed that Heather had previously expressed fears that Chad would kill her and hide her body.

A neighbor, who occasionally updated Tammra Schwab about her daughter’s sightings, informed her that she hadn’t seen Heather for several months. McKinney Police Detective Monte Robertson, who was part of the investigation, interviewed Stevens. Stevens claimed that Heather had left him about a year ago and he hadn’t seen or heard from her since.

The case took a turn on November 3, when Tammra Schwab informed Detective Robertson that Stevens’ ex-wife claimed that Stevens had confessed to killing Heather and burying her in the backyard. This information was relayed by Stevens’ daughter, Briana Stevens, who had spoken with her father the previous night.

Briana Stevens, who doesn’t frequently communicate with her father, called him on November 2 to inform him about her pregnancy. During the conversation, Chad Stevens threatened to kill the baby and even Briana. When Briana mentioned Heather’s disappearance, Chad Stevens asked her how she knew about his backyard and its dug-up state, which she denied knowing.

Chad Stevens further implicated himself during the conversation with his daughter, making statements about hiding Heather’s body and serving a five-year prison term. He also repeatedly asked Briana how she knew about Heather being in the backyard and its dug-up state.

A search warrant was obtained for Chad Stevens’ home after an ex-girlfriend, Katelyn Monk, reported an alleged assault by Stevens in January 2023. The search led to the discovery of a refrigerator, wrapped in plastic and hidden behind a piece of sheet rock, containing a small human body. The body was later confirmed to be Heather Schwab’s.

After being read his Miranda rights, Chad Stevens admitted to hiding Heather’s body in the refrigerator after her death in his residence. He also admitted to multiple physical altercations with Heather and threatening to kill her on several occasions. He claimed that Heather sustained a head injury in the shower three days before her death during an argument. However, the police noted inconsistencies in his statements.

Chad Stevens is currently in custody at the Collin County Jail, but has not been charged in connection with Heather Schwab’s death. A spokesperson for the Schwab family expressed their grief and gratitude towards the McKinney Police Department for their efforts in finding Heather.