Woman’s Charred Remains Found After Reported Abduction

Authorities in Florida believe they have discovered the remains of a woman who was kidnapped in broad daylight, according to Seminole County Sheriff Dennis Lemma. The body, found in a burnt-out SUV in a rural area south of Orlando, is thought to be that of Katherine Altagracia Guerrero De Aguasvias, 31. The condition of the body and vehicle was so severe that officials could not definitively confirm the identity, but the circumstances align with the details of the kidnapping.

The abduction was captured on video by a driver who happened to be behind Guerrero De Aguasvias and a green Acura that had been tailing her for at least half a mile. The Acura reportedly rammed into the back of Guerrero De Aguasvias’ Dodge Durango multiple times, causing the terrified woman to call her husband for assistance. Despite his advice not to stop, she found herself halted at a traffic light.

The video shows a man, wearing a Halloween mask, exiting the green Acura and approaching Guerrero De Aguasvias’ vehicle. He brandished a firearm and climbed into the backseat of her car. The Durango then sped away from the intersection, under the control of the kidnapper.

The burnt-out SUV was later found in a construction area, just 17 miles from the abduction site. A dozen shell casings, consistent with the kidnapper’s 10mm handgun, were scattered across the scene. Despite the evidence pointing to a targeted attack, authorities are still unsure of the motive.

Neither Guerrero De Aguasvias nor her husband, both immigrants from the Dominican Republic, had any criminal history in the United States. They were associated with two South Florida businesses, a barbershop and a beauty salon. Guerrero De Aguasvias’ husband told investigators that she was traveling through Central Florida to visit family, but could not provide any names or contact information. Authorities have been unable to locate any family in the area.

Sheriff Lemma urged the public to be on the lookout for the two individuals involved in the abduction and murder, warning that they should be considered armed and dangerous. He advised against confronting them and urged anyone with information to contact the authorities.