Woman Kills Husband and Sister Before Brother Takes Her Out

A devastating family shooting incident in Kentucky has claimed the lives of three people, as reported by local law enforcement. The deceased have been named as Larry Gosser, Angela Gosser, and Jennifer Wilson. Darryl Wilson, Angela and Jennifer’s brother, was also injured in the incident.

Kentucky State Police issued a statement on Saturday, disclosing that Angela was the shooter who targeted her sister Jennifer and brother Darryl. Jennifer succumbed to her injuries, while Darryl survived the initial attack. In a shocking twist, Darryl is alleged to have retaliated, resulting in Angela’s death.

Larry Gosser, Angela’s husband, was also among the victims of the shooting spree. Authorities have confirmed that Angela was the perpetrator of Larry’s murder.

On Friday, emergency officials in Pulaski County requested the Kentucky State Police to trace a vehicle owned by Angela. This led them to a shooting scene in Russell County, where they found Angela’s body in Darryl’s residence. The preliminary investigation indicates that Angela forcefully entered Darryl’s home armed, leading to a gunfight that resulted in her death and left Darryl with severe injuries.

Further inquiries revealed that Jennifer was shot dead in her car on a Russell County street. Investigators believe that Angela targeted Jennifer before she attacked Darryl.

Larry, a former officer with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife, was discovered dead on his property by the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office. The timeline of his death in relation to the other shootings remains uncertain.

The motive behind these tragic events is still under investigation, and the Kentucky State Police have not released any additional information. Support for domestic violence survivors is available through the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 or online at thehotline.org.