Basketball Hoop Argument Ends in Double Murder

A dispute over a basketball hoop’s location escalated into a deadly shooting in broad daylight, leaving an unarmed couple dead in Wellington, Florida, according to local law enforcement. The incident occurred in the Black Diamond residential neighborhood, a community located west of West Palm Beach. The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office reported that upon arrival at the scene, deputies discovered Tara Marie Jones and Taylor Glenn Jones, a married couple, deceased in their front yard, both victims of multiple gunshot wounds.

The suspect, 63-year-old Norman Scott, has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder with a firearm. Public court records indicate that Scott is scheduled for an initial case conference on July 11. A circuit judge has ordered Scott to avoid any contact with the victims’ family. Currently, Scott is being held at the Main Detention Center without bond.

According to an affidavit, a witness reported hearing gunshots on May 4 around 5:30 p.m. Upon investigating the noise, the witness found the Jones couple on the ground, bleeding heavily. The witness attempted to provide first aid to the couple. Scott, the alleged shooter, emerged from his house during this time, reportedly telling the witness, “Don’t worry, I shot them both.” Scott later claimed to police that the couple had attacked him, although no weapons were found near their bodies.

Scott told police that the argument that led to the shooting was over the placement of a basketball hoop and property boundaries. Scott did call emergency dispatch to report the shooting, claiming he had been attacked. However, surveillance footage from Scott’s property, which is equipped with eight cameras, two of which were pointed directly at the location of the shooting, told a different story.

The arresting officer reported that the footage showed Taylor Jones moving his child’s bicycle to the front of his home. Shortly after, Scott is seen exiting his house with an aluminum ladder, gesturing to Taylor Jones as if inviting him over. The footage showed no signs of aggression or threat from Taylor Jones, who was holding only a bottle of Gatorade. However, Scott appeared visibly upset and was seen yelling and pointing aggressively at Taylor Jones.

The footage then showed Scott pulling out a gun and firing at Taylor Jones, who was hit three to four times and fell to the ground. Tara Jones, who was less than 30 feet away, witnessed her husband’s shooting. The footage then showed Scott advancing towards Tara Jones and shooting her three times. As Scott returned to his house, he shot Taylor Jones two more times.

The firearm used in the double murder was found inside Scott’s home on a small table, according to court records. Police stated that the surveillance footage clearly showed the shooting was “completely malicious and unprovoked.” Scott’s attorney has yet to comment on the case.