Woman Faces Quadruple Amputation Following Kidney Stone Complication

A 41-year-old mother of two from Kentucky, Lucinda “Cindy” Mullins, woke up in a hospital to the shocking news that both her legs had been amputated. The situation was further complicated when she was informed that her arms would also need to be amputated. This series of unfortunate events was triggered by a kidney stone that had become infected, leading to sepsis.

Mullins, a seasoned nurse, had initially sought treatment for a kidney stone a few weeks prior. The infection that followed was a rare and unexpected complication. Mullins described the situation as a “perfect storm” that originated from a kidney stone.

After her condition worsened, Mullins was transferred from Fort Logan Hospital in Stanford to U.K. Hospital in Lexington. There, she was sedated for several days. Upon regaining consciousness, she discovered that her legs had been amputated from the knees down. Doctors explained that the amputation of her arms was necessary to save her life.

Despite the life-altering news, Mullins remained positive, focusing on the fact that she was alive and could spend more time with her husband, DJ, and their young sons. She expressed gratitude for her life, stating that the loss of her limbs was a minor issue compared to the joy of being with her family.

As news of Mullins’ condition spread, she received an outpouring of support from her community. She was moved by the number of people who showed up at the hospital, the messages of encouragement she received, and the prayers said for her.

A GoFundMe page was set up to assist Mullins and her family during this challenging time. By Sunday afternoon, the fundraiser had collected nearly $105,000 of its $250,000 goal. The page was created to support Mullins, who was described as a hero, and her husband DJ, who has been by her side throughout the ordeal.

The couple’s two young children are missing their parents, and while life has come to a standstill for the family, the world around them continues to move forward. Despite the hardships, Mullins remains optimistic and grateful for the support she has received.