Pastor Arrested for Alleged Attempt to Stick McDonald’s Worker’s Head into Deep Fryer

A North Carolina pastor, Dwayne Waden, 57, was apprehended last week following an alleged assault on his wife’s colleague at a McDonald’s outlet in High Point. According to the High Point Police Department, the incident occurred on December 28 when the victim was undergoing managerial training at the fast-food restaurant on S. Main Street. The trainee manager had reportedly called her husband, Waden, for assistance after facing disrespect from her subordinates.

Eyewitnesses reported that upon his arrival, Waden entered the restaurant and walked around the counter. He then allegedly grabbed the victim by the neck and attempted to push his head into one of the deep fryers in the restaurant. Waden is also accused of repeatedly punching the victim in the face, only stopping when several employees intervened and pulled him away.

The victim sustained significant injuries, including a large contusion on his forehead and right eye, as well as scratches on his neck. Despite the arrival of emergency services, the victim chose to have his family transport him to the hospital.

The police were able to review surveillance footage of the incident, which led to Waden’s arrest on charges of assault and battery. Following his arrest, Waden was taken to the police headquarters and later released on a $1,000 bond. He is scheduled to appear in court on January 22.

Waden’s Facebook page reveals that he is not only a pastor at Elevated Life International Ministries but also works as a semi-truck driver.