Woman Executes Carpet Cleaner Sitting in His Work Van

A 27-year-old woman from Las Vegas, identified as Kayla Alery, is facing charges for the alleged murder of a man in his work van. Alery, who had previously identified herself as a 52-year-old man, is accused of shooting 41-year-old carpet cleaner Raul Cardoza in the neck on March 26 while he and his brother were taking a break. The incident, according to court documents, appears to be a random act of violence.

Alery, who was on parole since December following a conviction for arson, was found by police with a .45-caliber handgun in her waistband and a bag allegedly containing methamphetamine. It remains unclear whether Alery was under the influence of the drug at the time of the shooting. Witnesses described the attack as “completely unprovoked,” according to the arrest report.

The accused has a history of run-ins with the law. In September 2022, police responded to reports of a woman attempting to set a vehicle on fire at an apartment complex. Upon arrival, officers found Alery lying on the ground in the parking lot, surrounded by a crowd. Witnesses reported that she had tried to ignite a vehicle in the lot.

When police took Alery into custody and asked for her identification, she provided the name of a middle-aged man. She then requested a lawyer and declined to answer any further questions. At the hospital, she revealed her true identity. A subsequent criminal history check uncovered an active warrant for domestic battery and several prior arrests, including charges for coercion with force, domestic battery, DUI, burglary, and grand larceny of a gun.

Following the recent shooting, Alery claimed she didn’t recall where she obtained the gun and admitted to experiencing occasional blackouts lasting for days. She pleaded guilty to third- and fourth-degree arson charges and served a 14-month sentence before being paroled in December 2023.

In addition to the murder charge, Alery faces multiple other felonies related to Cardoza’s death. While awaiting booking on these charges, she reportedly assaulted another inmate who was cleaning up in the booking area. Alery is also facing charges of battery by a prisoner and is due back in court on Thursday for a status check.